GTA Trilogy tanks as a RockStar Games failure



Not too long ago, we showed you how to play GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition so you could join in on the fun. While many were excited about the release, it seems there was disappointment in the air within the first week. With so much hype around the open-world action crime game, everyone expected a polished title that far exceeded the original versions.

So, what went wrong, and how did Grand Theft Auto fail its audience? Let’s take a detailed look at the problems.

GTA Trilogy tanks as a RockStar Games failure

Are the remastered graphics of GTA The Trilogy really that good?

There are two issues to address here. On the one hand, we have updated graphics that are meant to make the characters and environments look closer to modern visuals. While it may have made the streets and open areas look better, they also appear cleaner. Gone are the grimy areas that at least added to the mood of the game.

The character models don’t look so blocky anymore, but some of the proportions seem off now. Even rain has an impact on you when running around, which wasn’t really necessary as an addition to GTA The Trilogy. In comparison, it’s like replacing a torn pair of shoes with another pair that has fewer holes and is only slightly shinier.

Still, we have to give Rockstar Games some credit for putting in the effort to remaster the three GTA games, even if only to breathe life back into them.

GTA Trilogy tanks as a RockStar Games failure

Should you accept outdated gameplay mechanics in a remastered version?

There are a few new items added to the GTA The Trilogy games. For instance, you’ll now find radio stations and weapons on the selection radial wheel for easier access. Your map also has a GPS like the more recent titles. So, what’s the problem with the gameplay mechanics?

Do you remember how you had to drive back to the place where you accepted a mission after you failed it? It was a real pain. In the remastered versions, the games cut out having to do this. It definitely saves in-game time.

However, you still have to drive to the place where the mission starts. Sometimes, it can take a torturous two minutes while listening to your passenger speak or wading your way through traffic to the other side of the city. Fail enough times, and you’ll become frustrated at repeating these sections just to restart the mission.

GTA Trilogy tanks as a RockStar Games failure

Is GTA The Trilogy worth buying?

It’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re nostalgic for the games in GTA The Trilogy, you’ll still enjoy the main missions and a few extra quests added. For those of you who value the worth of money, you may become irritated paying so much for a title that wasn’t remastered all that well. 

Instead, you may want to wait until the price drops and the hype is gone. Xbox Games Pass announced that it will release GTA San Andreas: The Remastered Edition for members to enjoy for free. It gives you the opportunity to test the gameplay out before you commit any funds to the entire trilogy.

How did you find the experience? Did you enjoy GTA The Trilogy, or do you also feel it failed fans? Let us know.

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