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How to play GTA The Trilogy



When Grand Theft Auto moved from a top-down, 2D experience to the 3D world, it caused massive hype among gamers. Players could run around and see buildings and cars from new perspectives, dawning a new age in the GTA franchise.

Rockstar Games decided to bank on that nostalgia with GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. While you’ll be able to play three titles again in one game, there are also some enhanced features to look out for. 

How to play GTA The Trilogy

Let’s see how to play GTA The Trilogy and what to expect.

GTA The Trilogy

What is Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition?

GTA The Trilogy consists of three games in the franchise:

The game will launch on November 11, 2021, for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, XBO/Xbox Series X/S, and there’s an expected release for mobile devices in 2022. You’ll be able to relive the same stories from the original titles, while there are new features available for all of them.

How to play GTA The Trilogy

With the finer details out of the way, it’s time to see how to play GTA The Trilogy. Of course, each one is a different game with separate plots and missions, but the gameplay is similar.

Getting Started

To play the intense open-world crime game, you’ll need to purchase it on your platform of choice. Each one presents a different experience, but you’ll have the same plot, characters, and vehicles. Once you download GTA The Trilogy, you’ll be able to select which one of the games you want to play.

How many GB is GTA Trilogy?

The storage space you need for GTA The Trilogy depends on which platform you intend on using. Here are the allocations for the first-day launch:

  • PC: 45 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 25.4 GB
  • PlayStation and Xbox: 49 GB

Main characters and locations

The signature protagonists return in GTA The Trilogy, but you won’t be able to change characters like in GTA 5. You’ll have Claude in Liberty City for GTA 3, Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, and Carl Johnson in San Andreas. 

As you proceed through the games in launch order, you’ll see better vehicles and larger maps. You’ll even get to pilot planes in GTA: SA, which was an element we all enjoyed as gamers.

How to play GTA The Trilogy in chronological order

While the games were launched in a specific order, the timelines in GTA The Trilogy are slightly different. You’ll need to start with Vice City, then play San Andreas, and finally GTA 3. The last two games were actually before the first one, as they went back in time to set the scene and atmosphere for the titles.

GTA The Trilogy

Key Features of GTA The Trilogy

With the knowledge of how to play GTA The Trilogy firmly grasped in your mind, we can now look at some specific features you can expect. We’ll show you how the remastered versions differ from the originals, which is what has us excited.

Enhanced experience

You won’t have to struggle with old control layouts and movements. Controller and keyboard designs match GTA V, so you’ll have an easier time running around and shooting. You can aim better now, and you can perform improved drive-by shootings in San Andreas.

The maps are enhanced to match GTA V, specifically with navigation and tagging locations. You can also now immediately restart any mission you failed instead of riding all the way back to the starting point. Rockstar’s popular Social Club achievements also make an appearance, which was absent before.

Improved graphics

Your eyes will have more visual details to feast on in GTA The Trilogy. There’s an improved lighting system that brings more value to the shadows and reflections. Even small details like trees and roads look much better. 

To add to the above, the weather and water look more realistic. You’ll also notice that the draw distance has increased, so you can see further into the city without objects vanishing when they’re too far away. Of course, you can imagine how gorgeous the vehicles will look.

Platform features

Each platform will also receive an enhanced feature. It’s not just about providing an extra touch to GTA The Trilogy. There are specific aspects that Rockstar Games had to cater for to deliver the best experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • PlayStation and Xbox consoles: 4K resolution with support for 60 FPS
  • PC: support for NVIDIA DLSS
  • Nintendo Switch: Touch-screen capabilities for zooming, panning, menu controls, and Gyro aiming with side action buttons.
GTA The Trilogy

Retrogaming at its best

While we enjoy GTA 5 online and wait for any sign GTA 6, Rockstar is giving us a chance to relive the old day. Now that you know how to play GTA The Trilogy, we hope you love every title in the bundle when it launches. Are you ready for what’s bound to be an incredible experience? Let us know your thoughts.

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